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LD Düsseldorf, 22 June 2023, order of provisional measures, UPC_CFI_177/2023

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Provisional measures under Art. 62 UPCA do not require a patent for which validity as been previously confirmed in opposition proceedings or national nullity proceedings. The fact that the asserted patent was granted and no opposition or nullity action was filed provides sufficient basis for the validity of the asserted patent.

Costs for which a party requests an interim award and that go beyond the statutory court fees must be substantiated.

The introduction of the infringing product at a trade fair justifies the ex parte order of provisional measures one day after the start of the trade fair and on the same day of the filing of the application for provisional measures.


Local Division Düsseldorf

UPC case number


Type of proceedings

Request for provisional measures



myStromer AG, Freiburgstraße 798, 3173 Oberwangen b Bern, Schweiz


Revolt Zycling AG, Allmendstraße 15, 8320 Fehraltdorf, Schweiz


EP 2 546 134 B1


  • Germany
  • The Netherlands
  • France
  • Italy

Body of legislation / Rules

  • Art. 25 UPCA
  • Art. 62 UPCA
  • Rule 209.2 RoP
  • Rule 211.1 RoP
  • Rule 212.1 RoP

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    Attorney-at-law (Rechtsanwalt), UPC Representative, Counsel

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