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LD Dusseldorf, March 22, 2024, procedural order, UPC_CFI_463/2023

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Simultanous interpretation is available to the extent deemed appropriate (Art. 51.2 UPCA). Representatives whose language skills suffice to plead in the procedural language may not use simultanous interpretation.

If a party did not file a request for simultanous interpretation within the term stipulated in R 109.1 RoP or if the judge rapporteur refused such a request, such party may still engage interpreters at its own expense (R 109.4 RoP). In this case, the registry is to be informed accordingly at least two weeks prior to the oral hearing.


Dusseldorf Local Division

UPC number


Type of proceedings

Application for provisional measures


10x Genomics Inc.

Curio Bioscience Inc.


EP 2 697 391


Place jurisdictions

Body of legislation / Rules

Rule 109 RoP, Art. 51.2 UPCA

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