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LD Paris – May 6, 2024 – UPC_CFI_440/2023 – procedural order

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Consequently, an intervener that has not filed a counterclaim for invalidity within the time limit set for the party they support cannot claim an extension of time to file an autonomous claim.

Neither the nationality of the representative of one of the parties, nor the nationality of the intervening party constitute serious grounds for proposing a change in the language of the proceedings, for reasons of convenience or fairness.


Local Division Paris

UPC number


Type of proceedings

Infringement Action


Photon Wave Co.,Ltd. (Applicant; Intervener in the infringement action)

Seoul Viosys Co, Ltd (Defendant; Claimant in the infringement action)

Laser Components SAS (other party involved; Defendant in the infringement action)



Body of legislation / Rules

Rule 313 RoP, Rule 9 RoP, Rule 322 RoP

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