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LD Paris, 24 January 2024, procedural order, UPC_CFI_230/2023

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Case management decisions must first be reviewed by the panel under Rule 333 RoP before they can be appealed under Rule 220 RoP (cf. UPC Court of Appeal (n°486/2023, §6). Consequently, if the review under Rule 333 RoP of a confidentiality order is still pending, a request for leave to appeal under Rule 220.2 RoP is inadmissible until the panel reviews it.


Paris Local Division

UPC number


Type of proceedings

Request for Leave to Appeal for confidentiality order


Abbott NV / SA
Abbott GmbH
Abbott Laboratories
Abbott S.r.l.
Abbott Scandinavia Aktiebolag
Abbott B.V.
Abbott France
Abbott Logistics B.V.
Abbott Diagnostics GmbH
Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.
DexCom, Inc.


EP 3 435 866

Body of legislation / Rules

Rule 220.2 and 220.3 RoP, Rule 333 RoP

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